We offer specially designed one-to-one coaching classes for individuals, small groups or families.


At BSA we believe every child should get a chance to play their favourite sport regardless of their gender, background, previous experience or any disabilities they might have. Our private lessons are bespoke and can be tailored to the specific needs of you or your child, including the length of the lesson, which sport/s are covered and the type of content which is included.  Before your first lesson we ask a few questions to understand your needs, we can then create a tailor-made development plan and weekly targets that will help you/your child understand how you have progressed each week and what can be improved. 



What can our one-to-one lessons help with?


+ Helping children with low self esteem or a lack of confidence

+ Boosting fitness levels and stamina

+ Helping children with special educational needs or disabilities

+ Aiding those who play competitive sport to get the edge over their oponents

+ Getting your family active and ensuring that everyone takes part


Who are our one-to-one lessons suitable for?


- Individuals (children, teenagers or adults)

- Small groups (bring a friend or relative along)

- Families

Interested in booking a session?  Here's what we need to know:


Are you aware of any disabilities, allergies or any medical issues which could affect the session?

Every BSA coach must have these details before beginning a lesson; this helps us ensure the safety of every child. Understanding a child's disabilities or even just understanding their difficulties at school can help a coach tailor the lesson to your child's needs and ensure that the lesson is productive.


What is your child's favourite sport? What sport would you like to focus on?

This helps us make every lesson as enjoyable as possible and ensures that we create a focused plan which will give you the results that you are looking for. We all learn better, particularly children, when we are having fun so tell us as much as you can about your interests.


Does your child take part in regular physical activity?

For adults this question is important so that we can ensure that the tempo and length of the sessions is appropriate to you. For children, this question helps us understand how your child deals with social situations and therefore how our coach can help develop their social skills as well as their physical and technical skills. 

Why choose our coaches?

+ No big commitments or sign up fees

+ All coaches have experience teaching in and coaching in Primary Schools.

+ All BSA coaches have fully enhanced CRB certificates and a minimum of a Level 2 in coaching from a recognised NGB

+ Fully flexible, if you can't make a session let us know and we'll move it to a different date 

+ Your first one-to-one coaching session will be FREE 

+ Friendly coaches and welcoming environment



Sports we offer:​









call: 07398 779 909  or  email:


We will ask you a few important questions, then arrange a suitable time and day for our first lesson.

Feel free to contact us with any of your questions. 

One - TO - ONE


Whether you want to improve a specific skill, increase fitness or just improve confidence levels our 1-1 coaching is perfect for you. Our team will create a bespoke coaching plan to suit your needs.


Contact us

Before we begin we want to know why you want to be coached and what you want to improve


The 1 on 1 coaching session includes;

  • Consultation & private programme

  • Individual technical, mental, physical and social work

  • Skill stations

  • Development process 

  • Debrief & home work

  • Player Development Plan (PDP)