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BSA Coaching are here to provide schools with high-quality sports coaching and PPA cover. Our sports coaches also offer specialised one-to-one professional coaching around the London capital. Primary schools each receive a tailored way to increase inclusion with physical activity provision and planned extra curriculum activities.


Who are BSA Coaching

BSA was founded in 2015 with a clear vision to bring fun, inclusive sports and quality coaching to primary schools in the London Borough of Redbridge. Since 2015 BSA have introduced regular after-school sports clubs along with holiday camps and tailored quality PPA cover for primary schools in the borough.


BSA Coaching now impacts over 1000 children weekly with fun, inclusive physical and social development. Our clear vision is still to bring inclusive clubs for our children and accessible quality PPA Cover for our primary schools.

Professional Coaching has been vital to the recent BSA impact and success. From children looking to improve at academy level to children looking to improve social awareness and confidence at school; we have expert, friendly and experienced coaches for each child's needs


     BSA Coaching      Working with Schools

BSA COACHING continues to provide schools with structured sports programmes tailor-made for each school and the National Curriculum. Schools in the UK have pressure on how to use the sports premium for the best of the school and due to BSA Coaching’s tailor-made packages; schools can be assured that the premium goes to developing physical education for students as well as staff.

How BSA Makes a Difference in Schools

PE Teacher Mentor

BSA Coaches have provided schools with PE teachers and Sports coaches with over 12 years of experience providing schools with PE provision. Our senior Coaches and PE Teachers are able to help teachers improve their knowledge of PE teaching and how to deliver safe lessons. Our 4-week programmes Face to Face and online can provide a school with a team of teachers able and skilled to teach PE.

PPA Cover

 BSA Coaching can guarantee an experienced and highly qualified PE Teacher to deliver consistent and progressive lessons enabling teachers to complete training. The main aim for BSA Coaching is to provide affordable and quality PPA Cover for schools in the UK. Primary Schools in the London Borough of Redbridge have already improved Ofsted ratings through the quality of teaching, use of sports premium and more. 

Primary schools can now access PPA Cover packages every term or customise their provision according to their own curriculum, budget and timetables. BSA coaches have years of experience and hundreds of lesson plans ready to ensure our lessons connect with the curriculum and give teachers the essential time to prepare and plan for the future.


Our PPA Cover programmes are set out below but can be customised for each school’s needs.


Our BSA EYFS Programme is specifically structured for children preparing for Key Stage 1. Each lesson will include new techniques and skills as well as individual and team challenges. Each lesson has a fun new topic and new challenges. Safe, inclusive, progressive and fun lessons!


Our BSA Key Stage 1 Programme involves fun lessons that are focused on the key fundamental movements such as; Agility, Balance and Coordination. Each incorporates skills such as running, jumping, communicating, leadership, hand-eye coordination and foot-eye coordination. 


BSA Coaches follow the BSA Key Stage 2 programme applying and developing a broader range of skills. Learning to lead, communicate, collaborate and compete with each other developing skills and characteristics. Pupils are able to assess their own performances after competing in fun and friendly competitions. 

Afterschool Sports Clubs

Afterschool Clubs have been a great way for children to boost self-confidence and fitness. BSA Coaching have a number of different sports coaches with expertise in different sports which will ensure each coach is qualified and knowledgeable. BSA Coaching can guarantee a consistent and reliable coach to deliver 10-week sports clubs every term of the school year.

Breakfast Clubs can be a vital club for some parents struggling to balance work and life. The one-hour breakfast clubs enable children in need to attend school one hour early with a sports coach. BSA Coaches have lesson plans all personalised to helping children start the day with positivity.

Lunchtime Coach

BSA Coaching have been providing schools in the London Borough of Redbridge with a Lunchtime Sports Coach for over 10 years. We have seen a clear improvement in the lunchtime structure, inclusion and a big improvement in concentration levels for the next lesson! A BSA Coach is assigned to a school; enabling them to communicate with the school staff and be a consistently flexible and quality member of the school.


Professional Coaching

One-to-One Coaching

BSA Coaching have a team of coaches with teaching and sports coaching experience and knowledge. We have coaches ready to develop skills to increase confidence through a number of different sports. Our One-to-One packages include progression assessments and medals.

Coaches speak with parents to establish the best coaching techniques and overall approach.


BSA Coaching can guarantee coaches for sports like Football, Tennis and Basketball. Specialists and academy-level coaches are also available for children looking for extra coaching to help them achieve their dream.

Most popular packages:

  • £18 a lesson (One-hour lessons)

  • £65 - 4 lessons (includes a medal and bring a friend for free :)

BSA Coaches are level 2 trained at minimum, BSA Coaching provides coaches with Enhanced CRB Checks and continuous training

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